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Vanagon Gas Tank Issues

February 6, 2015 4 Comments Fuel system Ken Wilford

The Vanagon Gas Tank:

Dealing with Gas Tank Issues:

I know there are customers out that who have been living with a leaking gas tank for several years now. You know the drill, you go to fill the gas tank all the way to the top and then you see gas spilling out underneath of the van. Or you smell gas very strongly. Either of these scenarios should tell you something is not right. With the price of gas today, can you afford to leak any? Not to mention the fact that it is dangerous to leak a huge puddle of gas on the ground underneath of your gas tank where some idiot could throw down a cigarette.

What to do? It is time to repair this problem. Many times our gas tank kit will let you repair some of the soft parts on the top of the tank that can leak. These kits are pn gastankkit1 or gastankkit2 in our web store.

Occasionally you will drop your tank only to find that there is a rust hole in the top. Or you just might want to replace your tank because it is old. In case you never thought about it, your gas tank does go bad over time. It has a small sump in the bottom that collects any trash that might get into your gas through junk gas, etc. The new gas most of us are using at this point is 10% ethanol. This is a great cleaner. Now the junk that sat on the bottom of our tanks for years and years is getting flushed and cleaned out of the sump and finding it’s way into the screen that is in the tank. These screens get plugged up and the next thing you know you hear your fuel pump screaming. That is a cry for help! It is pleading for a new gas tank. Ignore it at your peril. I had a customer tell me last week that after he replaced his old gas tank with a new one he is now getting 2 more miles per gallon. His fuel pump is happier and it is rewarding him.

I have brand new gas tanks available for the 2wd Vanagons. The 80-84 Vanagon with the metal filler neck is 251201075AD. Or if you have the 84-92 Vanagon with the plastic filler neck is 251201075AH. If your filler neck is metal and it is rusted out you can replace it with a plastic filler neck (251201129a) but you will also need to get the newer gas tank. If your gas tank is rusty inside you will probably also want to replace your gas tank level sensor (251919051E) and of course you want to replace your fuel filter.

Keeping your gas tank system in good repair will help you save money in the long run and also have a safer, happier Vanagon.

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Robert January 6, 2020

My fuel pump was buzzing. I though it was normal, but I started carrying a spare. Subsequently, I began using E-85 whenever it was available. (I bought a conversion kit). Anyway, I have noticed that the buzzing has gone away. Not sure why, I mean the van still runs well on the old fuel pump. You mention the cleaning properties of the ethanol. Can it be that the ethanol has cleaned my in-tank screen? Or dissolved it?

Charles Garcia July 10, 2018

If my T3 has an Eberspacher heater and heater ducting fitting in the central gas tank groove, how does the fuel crossover tube get routed? Does it go OVER the duct bracket? I took it apart and didn't pay attention, whoops.

Ken Wilford February 24, 2015

You need to tilt the tank so that the front edge of the tank clears the frame on the front edge before trying to push up the rear end. Once you have the front end over the lip of the frame, then you can push up the rear edge and install the straps. Does this help you out? Ken

john gonz February 24, 2015

hello i am having big trouble trying replace the the tank it came out fairly easy but wont go back in it seems to have strecthed or the van shrunk ? any Ideas thank you

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