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Vangon Articles - How to Install a "Wet" Oil Pressure Gauge on a Vanagon


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How to Install a "Wet" Oil Pressure Gauge on a Vanagon

August 6, 2014 0 Comments Ask Ken, Engine Ken Wilford

I bought a generic oil pressure gauge from FLAPS and then I went to Napa to get 20′ of plastic oil line (I used at least 15 feet!). I set up a “T” using a 2 1/2″ piece of threaded pipe and a “T” fitting. The pipe and “T” fitting are heater parts and can be got from any local heater place. I wrapped all my threaded ends with Teflon tape (if you use Teflon tape be careful not to wrap the first couple of threads as the threads could cut up the Teflon into little pieces and these pieces could cause problems inside the motor). I threaded the pipe into the sender hole (the one of the bottom of the motor between cylinder #3 and #4) and then threaded the “T” fitting onto the pipe. In the two other sides of the “T” fitting I put the sender and the oil line. I did all this with no cutting, drilling. Then I ran the oil pipe up the bottom of the van and tie wrapped it up all the way to the front. There I followed the speedometer cable right up into the dash. Then I ran the line out through the steering column plastic cover. I didn’t want to do any drilling, so I attached the oil pressure gauge to the plastic steering column cover with a tie wrap. Now I can look down through the steering wheel and check my oil pressure any time I want.

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