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Drain Plug Thread Repair on a Waterboxer engine

July 18, 2016 1 Comment Ask Ken, Engine Ken Wilford

Drain Plug Thread Repair on a Waterboxer engine:

I occasionally get someone calling me asking for a new Vanagon waterboxer oil pan. This is kind of like in the old days when people would tease others by asking them to go to the local parts store in order to buy a VW Beetle radiator cap. ? There ain’t no such creature. So what do you do if your drain plug comes out with all of the threads on it? You need to do a thread repair! I usually use a Time-Sert thread repair kit. I was turned onto these by my personal friend and hero Bob Donalds back in the day. I am sure there are other places you can buy the kit but the one you need is the M14 (14mm) x 1.5 (thread pitch) kit that you can buy here:×15-c-217_219_259/ts1415c-m14x15-drain-plug-kit-p-1586.html?zenid=98pnqg5rge8dtnf1vepdov2l16

I have used this kit many times and if you just take your time, and make sure your hole is straight when you drill out the old, destroyed threads, you should be good to go. Yes is it is not cheap, but the alternative is to replace the entire engine block (then it is cheap)! If you have ever tapped out a hole or used a die, you should be fine with this kit as it is pretty easy to use and has simple instructions with it. If you need anything else, please just let us know.


tim miller October 14, 2017

Bob was a close personal friend of mine. We shared tons of waterboxer engine building trade secrets between us. I miss that guy.... Anyway do you sell the individual inserts for the time sert-drain plug kit? Tim.

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