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Vangon Articles - Coolant Hose Chart for 1.9l Vanagon with Metal Coolant pipes (83-85)


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Coolant Hose Chart for 1.9l Vanagon with Metal Coolant pipes (83-85)

August 6, 2014 4 Comments Ask Ken, Cooling Ken Wilford

Coolant Hose Chart for 1.9l Waterboxer 83-85 with Metal Coolant Pipes Under Van (BetweenVIN 25-D-087511 and VIN 25-F-060000):

coolant hose chart vanagon

Coolant Hose Part Numbers with Prices:

1. Lower radiator (return) hose:
2. Upper radiator (feed) hose:
3. Between coolant pipe (feed) and bleeder assembly:
025121062 No Longer Available
4. Between coolant pipe (return) and bleeder assembly:
025121102 (no longer available)
5. Between bleeder assembly (feed) and thermostat housing (lower):
6. Between bleeder assembly (return) and pump housing (upper):
7. Small hose between expansion tank (upper) and “H” valve:
8. Small hose between expansion tank (lower) and “H” valve:
9. Between cross over pipe and “H” valve (upper):
10. Between water pump and “H” valve (lower):
11. Short hose between two pipes on passenger side of engine:
12. Between cross over pipe and “T” for heater core:
13. Between passenger side head and “T” for heater core:
14. Return, between pipe and tranny cooler (automatic only):
025121074A (no longer available)
15. Feed, between pipe and tranny cooler (automatic only):
025121104A (no longer available)
16. Between expansion tank cap and overflow tank:
17. Short hose between water pump and cylinder head:
18. Return, Between bleeder assembly and pipe to tranny cooler(automatic only):
025121074B (No Longer Available)
19. Feed, between bleeder assembly and pipe to tranny cooler (automatic only):
025121104B (no longer available)
20. Small hose between bleeder assembly and cross over pipe- N202811
37. Hoses between “T” and rear heater core (both are the same)- 255265591
Hoses are available in complete kits. Call for details!
Coolant System hard parts:
21. Cross over metal pipe- 025121081C (no longer available)

22. Coolant Bleeder assembly- Manual Vanagon- 025121082 or Automatic Vanagon- 025121082A

23. Coolant pipe between passenger side head and water pump- 025121180A

24. Small Coolant pipe between block and short hose- 025121171

25. Coolant pipe between small hose and water pump (under crank pulley)- 025121151

26. Water Pump- 025121010D

27a. Thermostat Housing Upper- 025121117D (only available good used)

27b. Thermostat Housing Lower- 025121121A (only available good used)

27c. Thermostat Housing Steel flange (in rear)- 025121116 (only available good used) Gasket for flange- 025121127C

28. Expansion Tank- 025121403A

29. “H” shaped plastic coolant hose connector near expansion tank- 025121438

30. Overflow tank- 025121403

31. Rear Heater Core- 867819121A

32. Automatic Transmission Cooler- 087409061C (only available good used)

33. Radiator- 068121253E

34. Coolant Pipe (return)- 251121399F (steel) (No Longer Available)

35. Coolant Pipe (feed)- 251121397F (steel) (No Longer Available)

36. Rear Heater Core “T”s (Plastic only)- 253265593B (2 required)

37. Rear Heater Core Hoses- 255265591  (2 required)

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Ken Wilford March 15, 2017

Actually it means "No Longer Available". If you see a hose listed like this email me and I may be able to get you something that is comparable. It won't be exact, but it will work. Ken

tomibach March 14, 2017

I'm guessing by "NLA" you're meaning from VW,

Ken Wilford November 18, 2015

I did leave that out. You can source that from your local auto parts store. The hose is 5/8" heater hose from the rear heater T all the way to the front. Then there are two preformed hoses at the front heater core which we have in stock. Here are links to them: They are $45 each. Let me know if we can help you further.

arthur lindow November 18, 2015

I think you left out the hoses that run from the rear heater core to the front heater core and back again. see Bentley 19.10 I am looking for a replacement of these hoses as the ones I have were implemented backwards by the PO and result in warm air contantly flowing onto my feet.

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