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Vangon Articles - Coolant Hose Chart for Syncro Vanagon (86-91)


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Coolant Hose Chart for Syncro Vanagon (86-91)

August 6, 2014 0 Comments Ask Ken, Cooling Ken Wilford

coolant hose chart for syncro vanagon

2.1l Vanagon Syncro (8691) Coolant Hoses Part Number and Price List:

1. Lower radiator (return) hose – 251121083H
2. Upper radiator (feed) hose – 251121082
3. Between coolant distributor and pipe (Feed) – 251121102
4. Between cross over pipe and pipe from radiator (Return) – 251121062
5. “S” shaped hose between coolant distributor and passenger side head – 251121072A
6. Between coolant distributor and cross over pipe – 251121103
7. Between Thermostat Housing and cross over pipe – 251121073
8. Between heater core and pipe on driver’s side. – 251265056C
9. Between Thermostat housing and crossover pipe – 251121072
10. Between heater core and coolant distributor – 251265058
11. Between thermostat housing and small pipe on top of driver’s side head – 025121058E
12. Between oil cooler and small pipe on head that leads to thermostat housing – 025121058D
13. Between oil cooler and small pipe going to water pump – 025121058G
14. Between waterpump and small pipe to oil cooler\par – 025121058J
15. Between expansion tank and coolant pipe that attaches to water pump – 025121108H
16. Between expansion tank and coolant manifold – 025121058H
17. Between expansion tank cap and overflow tank – N202811
18. Short hose between two metal pipe that run under crank pulley – N90128703
19. Between passenger side head and coolant manifold – N202811
20. Between thermostat housing and coolant manifold – 025121058B
21. Between top of thermostat housing and coolant manifold – N202811
22. Between thermostat housing and pipe on driver’s side head “J” shape – 025121073H
23. Between coolant manifold and head – 025121058M Trim to match old hose on vans with no A/C.
24. Between coolant manifold and crossover pipe – N202811

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