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Vangon Articles - Checking and filling transmission Fluid on Late Model Eurovan.


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Checking and filling transmission Fluid on Late Model Eurovan.

January 28, 2015 0 Comments Transmission Ken Wilford

The late model Eurovans have no dip stick for their transmission fluid and according to VW they are supposed to be a sealed unit with a “lifetime” fluid inside. However in reality you can have leaks that can lower your fluid level or you may want to change your fluid and filter. Here is how you can check your fluid level to be sure that your Automatic

Transmission fluid level is correct.

Get a small oil drain pan.
You have to remove the panning under the engine/transmission so you can see the bottom of the transmission oil pan. You will see an allen head screw that is in the bottom of the tranny pan. You want to do this check when the van is stone cold. When the van is level start the engine and let it run for about two minutes. Pull the drain plug out that has the allen head. Transmission fluid should drip out, drip, drip, drip. If it does the fluid is full. Shut off the van. Put stuff back together and be happy.

If not then you can fill the transmission through a small, short plastic filler on the front edge of the transmission. You should see this almost directly below the butt end of the starter. It normally has a red plastic seal on it. You crack this open and then you can pull the stopper out of the tranny filler like you would pull the cork from a wine bottle. You will need a special tranny fluid pump to put the fluid in there from underneath. You can buy one of these at Wal-mart for about $4. You will also need some special Pentosin Automatic Transmission Fluid. The part number for your transmission should be G052162A2. We have this fluid available in our web store, just click the link. You want to have the van stone cold just like when you did the level check. The tranny temperature is supposed to be only 113f when you are doing this test so you let it run for about 2 minutes, while you shift through all of the gears. The car needs to be level. Put the car in Park. Now pull the allen plug again and pump the tranny fluid up into the tranny filler. When you see the fluid dripping out of the test hole in a steady drip, drip, drip then you are good, stop adding fluid, put the plug back in the bottom of the transmission and you are done. Put the plug back in the tranny filler, you can reseal the old seal you took off with a tie wrap around it and then put the panning back under the car and you should be good to go.

If you were low on fluid you should check for leaks while you are under there. The level should not go down unless there is a leak.

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