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1.9l Vanagon water pump replacement

August 20, 2018 2 Comments Ask Ken Ken Wilford

1.9l Vanagon water pump replacement

Here is a link to a nice video one of our customer’s made about how to replace a water pump in a 1.9l Vanagon. Let me know if you want to order the parts that he did. I will list them below so you can just order them through the store:

2 of these hoses
the rest order one each and you should be fine.

Happy replacement!


Ken Wilford August 11, 2016

Thanks, Russ. I just updated the list.

russ August 11, 2016

This parts list appears to be missing one item. What about the gasket for the upper pipe that connects to the thermostat housing? You have the O-ring on one side, but a gasket is needed at the other end. Your list appears to include the gasket for the right side of the lower pipe, but I believe that the upper and lower pipe gaskets are different.

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