How-To Remove and Replace the Gas Tank in a 2wd Vanagon

(seals and lines too!)

If you want to replace all the rubber fuel lines and seals on the tank we sell kits that will help you out.
gastankkit1 for 84-92 Vanagon with plastic filler neck.
gastankkit2 for 80-84 Vanagon with metal filler neck.
Please look in the passenger side wheel well to be sure which filler neck you have before ordering if you have an 84 model.

Here is the procedure:
1. Unhook supply and return lines (one either side of tank) and drain fuel or
siphon fuel out of filler hole (quicker).
2. Undo the two bolts (13mm) that hold the metal straps to the front frame
of the van.
3. Remove straps by pulling the tab in the rear of the strap out of the slot
it rests in.
4. Rear of tank will drop down.
5. Remove two lines from the side of the tank that go to the expansion tanks
above front wheels.
6. Now pop loose the other plastic expansion lines from the top of the tank.
7. Pop the small line that hooks to the filler neck (overflow line) out of
the tank.
8. Unscrew the three screws that fasten the filler neck into the body and
push it into the tank farther so you can move it over to the wheel well.
9. Pull out the filler neck.
10. Tank should drop straight down.
11. Unplug sender.
Reinstallation is reverse of removal except I would undo the one nut that
holds the expansion tanks in the wheel well on both sides so you have more
line to play with. Also when reinstalling the expansion tank lines remove the
rubber gromet that seals them to the tank and pop this into the tank first
while you have the tank out, then pop the lines into the tank.
Alot easier than trying to pop these lines back on with the grommet still on
the lines (tried this for about 20 mins and gave up!)
You can use some vasoline for lubrication if necessary.
Also on reinstall tilt the tank so that you can get the front of it under the
lip in the front beam and then just push it up so it is level and then you can
slide the end of the straps back into the slots without a problem.

Print this out, and stick it in your Bentley.

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