Coolant Hose Chart for 2.1l Vanagons (86-91) 2wd only:


Coolant Hose Part Numbers with pricing
1. Lower radiator (return) hose:  
251121083H: ($49) 
or on models factory equipped w/205 70 R-14 tires 
255121081A- ($112.92) 
2. Upper radiator (feed) hose: 
251121082: ($49) 
or on models factory equipped w/205 70 R-14 tires 
255121083A- ($82.37) 
3. Between coolant distributor and pipe (Feed): 
N90287303- ($17.00) For 86-91 Manual Vans and 86-88 Automatic Vans with VIN up to 24-H-002 956
251121104- ($187.57) For 88-91 Automatic Van with VIN of 24-H-002 957 or higher
4. Between Thermostat housing and pipe (Return): 
025121062E (Manual Trans)- ($82.57) 
025121062F (Auto Trans)- ($230.88) 
5. "S" shaped hose between coolant distributor and passenger side head: 
251121130A ($12) For 86-88 Vanagons with VIN up to 24-H-022 956
251121130B ($12) For 88-91 Vanagons with VIN 24-H-022 957 and higher.
6. Between coolant distributor and coolant manifold- 
N202811 ($5) 
7. Between Thermostat Housing and coolant distributor 
251121058A- ($49.27) 
8. Between heater core and pipe on driver's side. 
251265058- ($29.50) 
9. Between tranny cooler and coolant distributor (Auto tranny only from 86-88 with VIN up to 24-H-002 956) 
025121104D- ($52.87) (not needed on Automatic Vanagons from 88-91 with VIN of 24-H-002 957 or higher)
10. Between heater core and coolant distributor 
251265056- ($33.70) 
11. Between thermostat housing and small pipe on to of driver's side head. 
025121058E- ($7) 
12. Between oil cooler and small pipe on head that leads to thermostat housing
025121058D- ($4) 
13. Between oil cooler and small pipe going to water pump 
025121058G- ($4) 
14. Between waterpump and small pipe to oil cooler 
025121058J- ($9) 
15. Between expansion tank and coolant pipe that attaches to water pump 
025121108D- ($7) 
16. Between expansion tank and coolant manifold 
025121058H- ($8) 
17. Between expansion tank cap and overflow tank 
N202811- ($5) 
18. Short hose between two metal pipe that run under crank pulley 
19. Between passenger side head and coolant manifold 
N202811- ($5) 
20. Between thermostat housing and coolant manifold 
025121058B- ($30.68) 
21. Between top of thermostat housing and coolant manifold 
N202811- ($5) 
22. Between thermostat housing and pipe on driver's side head "J" shape 
025121073H- ($14) 
23. Between coolant manifold and head 
025121058M- ($30) Trim to match old hose on vans with no A/C. 
Coolant Hose Kits are available.  Please call for details!
Coolant System Hard Parts with pricing 24. Radiator 068121253E- $195 (OE with VW logo) 25. Rear Heater Core 867819121A- $70 25a. Front Heater Core 251265303C- $279 26. Plastic Coolant Pipe (Return) 251121399M- $214 27. Plastic Coolant Pipe (Feed) 251121397M- $157 28. Automatic transmission cooler (auto trans only) 087409061C- $275 29. Coolant Distributor (black plastic behind firewall on passenger side) 251121438- $39 (manual transmission Vanagons from 86-88 with VIN up to 24-H-002 956 251121438A- $39 (automatic transmission Vanagons from 86-88 with VIN up to 24-H-002 956 251121438B- $39 (manual or automatic from 88-91 with a VIN of 24-H-002 957 or higher. 30. Thermostat housing (lower) 025121115- $24 30a. Thermostat 025121113F- $16 30b. Thermostat o-ring N90136802- $0.50 30c. Thermostat Housing (Cover) 025121114- $12 30d. Thermostat Housing o-ring (between lower housing and head N90278101- $1.20 31. Black Metal Pipe between water pump and coolant hoses on driver's side 025121081G- $144.80 32. Metal Pipe between thermostat housing hose and oil cooler hose 025121065A- $76 33. Metal Pipe between oil cooler hose and water pump hose 025121065- $28 34. Oil Cooler 068117021B- $95 34a. Oil Cooler o-ring N90181402- $3 35. Water Pump 025121010F- $69.00 (Comes with gaskets and seals) 36. Expansion Tank 025121403B- $29 (Comes with cap) 37. Metal pipe between water pump and hose to passenger side head (runs under crank pulley) 025121151- $96 38. Metal Elbow on passenger side of block (replaces plastic) 025121171- $80 39. Plastic Coolant Manifold that runs around the perimeter of the engine compartment 025121045C- $93.98 40. Overflow tank behind license plate door 025121403- $29 41. Metal nipple on passenger side head (replaces plastic) 025121160D- $24

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